Gas Treatment System

Gas Treatment System

Benefits of Biogas Treatment Equipment

higher reliability of both CHP units

lower fault rate than with impure gas

less frequent service intervals - oil exchange - it cuts down operation costs

The Gas Treatment System (GTS) is intended namely to reduce the moisture content in biogas, landfill gas or mine gas to the level suitable for such gas to be used in CHP unit. The equipment is designed for various CHP unit power series:200 kW, 400 kW, 800 kW, 1 200 kW, 1600 kW and 2000 kW.

The entire equipment is placed on the base frame. Individual parts of the assembly come into contact with a gas and all the gas and fluid lines are fitted with the heat insulation with mechanical protection.


In addition to the basic moisture reducing function, the equipment serviceability can be extended by using various options, for example:

desulphurization vessel for the reduction of hydric sulphide content in the gas

blower to boost the gas pressure